Yiota Kontoloucas

Founder and Executive Director

Ms Yiota is the ELC founder and principal. She holds a BA in Education, a Higher National Diploma in Business Studies, a Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of other languages (DELTA) and is a CELTS trainer. She considers her three daughters and seven grandchildren to be her greatest achievements!

Maria Kontoloucas

Director | Teacher

Maria has been an ELC teacher through and through for the past 20 years! She loves being in the classroom and her primary aim during teaching is to truly connect with students. She believes that a teacher should be a role model and an inspiration. Maria loves to give her all for her students and, eventually, even striking a friendship with them comes naturally.

Georgina Kontoloucas

Managing Director | Academic Coordinator | Teacher

Georgina holds a BA in Literature and Art and she credits the art side of her degree for helping her create and vibrant and creative classroom experience for students! Georgina really enjoys the fulfillment of giving students her insights into the English language. She is also the holder of a CELTYL degree which is a teacher training program.

Elena Kontoloucas

Managing Director | Academic Coordinator | Teacher

Elena loves evolving and improving and has a secret passion for teaching correct pronunciation. She considers teaching a thrilling and motivating journey! Elena studied English Language and Linguistics and holds an MA in TESOL.

Lilia Pavlou

Operations Director

Lilia is the financial controller of the school and looks after student and staff welfare. She has been part of the English Learning Center team since 1992 and she considers the ELC her second home!

Michelle Michael

ICT Teacher | IT Manager

Michelle brings many years of experience working as a Computer Teacher, assisting students’ needs and teaching them the amazing world of technology. She has a degree in Computer Engineering and she is certified as a Training Professional. She strongly believes that respect is easily gained when students feel respected first.

Karine Voskeritchian

Teacher | Academic Coordinator

Karine is multilingual, multicultural, multitalented and always multitasking! She has been teaching at the English Learning Centre for more than a decade and teaching for her isn’t just a passion or career path but a lifestyle and a part of her identity!

Stella Moutzouri

Teacher | Academic Coordinator

Stella has always wanted to be a teacher from a very young age and that is why she studied towards a degree in Early Years Education. She loves teaching, especially the little ones, as she considers them the BEST!

Marina Mina

Teacher | Academic Coordinator

Marina’s innate curiosity and love for languages led her to pursue a BA in English Language and Linguistics and a MPhil in Second Language Education at the University of Cambridge. Her aim as a teacher is to inspire students to follow their dreams and achieve their goals!

Nick Pagdatis

Teacher | Academic Coordinator

Growing up, Nick spent half his childhood in the UK while the other half was spent here in Cyprus and this was no picnic! The language barrier inspired him to become a teacher at the University of Cyprus and he is always willing to go the extra mile for his students!

Georgia Anastasi

Teacher | Academic Coordinator

Georgia has a degree in English Language with a specialisation in translation studies. She loves teaching but if she wasn’t an English teacher, she would definitely be a chef as she usually spends her time cooking!

Myria Papanikolaou

Teacher | CLH Coordinator

Myria studied English Language and Linguistics at the University of Sheffield and that experience led her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Teaching English (TESOL) ! She’s always loved teaching and that translates well in class since she is a passionate and lively teacher!

Marina Christodoulou

Teacher | Special Educational Needs Teacher

Marina studied Applied Linguistics in New York and then obtained a Masters in Special Education. Since then she has been working with kids that need a different approach towards learning. She loves the satisfaction of teaching and seeing how children progress!

Danae Afxentiou


Danae has always been passionate about the English language and that is what inspired her to study English Teaching in the UK. She feels fulfillment when her students develop their English skills and her passion is helping them become well-rounded individuals.

Nikolas Kyriakou


Nikolas has a BA in English Language and Linguistics as well as an MA in Linguistics and Language Teaching Methods. He strives to use creative ways of teaching and brings a fresh prospective to language learning.

Maria Nikolaou


Teacher and student well-being implemented through character education and social-emotional learning are Maria’s main focus. She holds a BA of English Language Arts, New York and an MA TESOL, Nicosia.

George Kyriacou


George studied English Language at Lancaster University UK and holds a CertTESOL certificate as well. Through his lively character and love for children he always tries to deliver fun and interactive lessons.

Simos Charalambous


Simos has a degree in English Language and Literature and started teaching English in 2013. He has been teaching English to students of all ages, both young learners and adults. He has held the position of the Director of Studies at UCLan Summer Camp since 2022. Simos defines himself as positive, patient and perceptive.

Julia Kontidou


Julia has a degree in English Language and Literature. She is enthusiastic and passionate about teaching, especially young children. She always tries to do what’s best for her students.

Stella Charalambous


Stella has a degree in English language and linguistics, a Master’s in Teaching English (TESOL) and a CELTA certificate. This helped her to work abroad as an English teacher and teach students from all over the world! Cool, right?

Magda Anatolitou/Bader

School Secretary

Magda has been in charge of administration at the ELC for the past 18 years! She enjoys dealing with children, parents and children, while in her free time she likes travelling, reading books and swimming.

Marie-Louise Adamou

School Administrator

Marie-Louise Adamou holds a degree in Business Data Processing. She is always keen on learning new things and her dream is to travel around the world!

Christina Nicolaou

School Cleaner

Christina has been working at the ELC for 16 years. She considers it a great workplace and is very happy that there is always lots to do to make sure that the children have a great experience within the school.

Yioula Eftichiou

School Cleaner

Yioula has been part of the ELC team for the past 16 years! She takes great pride in her work and she feels that her time at the ELC has brought her close to a great number of people and has given her the opportunity to create many valuable friendships!