Early Years (ages 4-7)

This programme comprises of 4 STATIONS:

  • IMAGINATION STATION – Pre-School / Age: 4-5 Years
  • CREATION STATION – Pre-Junior / Age:5-6 Years
  • PREPARATION STATIONJunior 1 / Age 6-7 Years
  • PHONICS STATION – Junior 2 / Age: 7-8 Years

This 4 year fun and exciting journey gradually introduces our younger learners to English through different forms of organised play and makes them feel comfortable and at ease learning a new language. Our main aim is to make them love English and to instil enthusiasm from a young age.  This programme is based on a hands on, active learning approach, where children focus on learning through play and discovery of the world.  The children are exposed to basic theme-based topics such as colours, shapes, food, transport, animals, “my body”, “my family”, “my home”, “my school”.  These themes are incorporated in a variety of creative ways through songs, games, plays, shows, arts and crafts, cookery and story-telling.

We guarantee your child will have the time of their life here with us!  We motivate, enthuse, enthral and educate our learners at the same time.