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Welcoming message by principal

Are you ready to start an English learning adventure? Whatever age you are we will make a difference to your learning of the English Language.

We offer engaging courses that will take our students on a fabulous learning journey.

We want:

  • To ensure that our students learn English in the broadest and widest sense and achieve the highest possible results.
  • To make sure that each child has the opportunity to explore and develop their potential, whilst on their learning journey.
  • To provide a stimulating and happy learning environment that encourages and challenges pupils.

Our Story

Ms Yiota Kontoloucas founded the English Learning Centre in 1992, two years after having moved to Cyprus from London with her husband and three young daughters.

Born and educated in London, Ms Yiota taught at two secondary schools in central London where, in the latter, she had worked as Head of the English Department.

She still remembers starting out the English Learning Centre with great excitement in a two-roomed shop. That very first year, 14 students and their parents turned up, putting their trust in the vision of Ms Yiota.

Her three daughters gradually joined her and very quickly brought their own updated vision and creative energy into our school.

Moving thirty years on, the I became a We and Maria, Georgina, Elena and Ms. Yiota jointly run a school that houses more than 17 classrooms, a team of over 18 teachers and which, over the years, has cultivated the dreams and aspirations of countless of children.

Testament to the love and passion we poured into our work here at the English Learning Centre, many of our former students continue to bring their own children to the English Learning Centre and this is the greatest reward for any education provider.

Our philosophy

At the ELC, our aim has always been to provide a happy, secure and rich learning environment for our children. We follow a ‘do-act-learn’ philosophy, students ‘do’ real tasks in order to produce authentic language, ‘act’ using the language to role play, take part in public performances, Christmas shows and Easter plays and all this helps them ‘learn’, which is our end goal! As you see, ELC offers more than just English, it’s a culture, an inspiring, motivating, authentic English culture.

We achieve this, not only through what is taught in the classroom using a carefully planned curriculum, but from the additional activities we expose our students to outside our 4 walls. Plays, projects, individual and group presentations, fundraising events, library sessions, debate tournaments, weekends away, trips to the UK and many more are just a taste of what your child will experience throughout learning their journey at the ELC.

Dear parents, our priority is to connect with your child and create a safe learning environment where they feel confident and comfortable to learn English. To establish this, we make sure that our teaching style appeals to all types of learners by including the VARK model of learning styles (Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, Kinaesthetic) in all our lesson plans, for all year groups. We make things visual and colourful and we turn grammar rules into songs and learning into fun and games.

For students, the sky is the limit for them here at the ELC so let’s go together on an English language adventure!

Why choose the ELC

We offer More than just English our mission is to expose our students to a wide variety of 21st Century skills, which allows our students to interact with the English curriculum in a way that is engaging, authentic, and fun!

In today’s educational environment, students are expected to collaborate, think critically, and work together to develop innovative projects and come up with creative innovative ideas. At a time when the world faces all sorts of challenges you want your child to go forward  into the working world fully prepared and equipped with these skills and stand out from the crowd.

Our promise to all our students

Provide them with an exciting learning journey
Resonate with their needs for real world learning
Offer them personal support
Motivate them to want to learn English
Inspire them to achieve their full potential
Stimulate them with a variety of learning styles
Engage in the learning process

8 more reasons why us

  • We are a Cambridge Gold examination Centre
  • Our teachers are all English Language / Literature degree holders
  • We provide a stimulating and happy learning environment that encourages and challenges students
  • Free workshop lessons for students that require additional support to achieve success
  • Uniform lesson planning system
  • Academic coordinators at each level
  • We offer Professional Teacher Development which ensures that your children will receive the best, up to date curriculum and teaching methods
  • Our Do/Act/Learn philosophy enables students to learn through real-life experiences that, in addition to mastering the English language, focus on developing their communication skills, creativity and emotional intelligence.

The Tudor Rose - The story behind our logo

Many years ago when our founder, Ms Yiota Kontoloucas was a secondary pupil in London, pupils were put in houses at school. Ms Yiota’s school was divided into four houses – Windsor, Tudor, Stuart, and York – the 4 British royal dynasties.

Ms Yiota was a member of the Tudor team and throughout her school years she belonged to the Tudors.  Eventually, in the last year of school she was made House Captain and given a badge in honour of this position. That badge was the Tudor Rose.

What is the real significance of the Tudor Rose?

The Tudor Rose is one of the most distinctive and unmistakable signs in England.

This specific type of rose is red on the outside and white in the centre. It has been in use as the country’s emblem since the Tudor Era, as a representation of the merging of two warring royal houses and the end of years of conflict.

The 15th century saw a conflict between the Houses of York and Lancaster – a civil war between the two greatest factions in England. The conflict  was also known as the Wars of the Roses, derived from the heraldic badges used by the two houses – the Red Rose of Lancaster and the White Rose of York.

The Wars of the Roses came to an end in 1485, when Henry Tudor of House Lancaster became victorious and ascended to the throne as king Henry VII. As the new king, Henry Tudor united the two Houses once and for all and introduced the Tudor Rose, which combined the red rose of Lancaster with the white rose of York. The Tudor Rose was adopted as the national emblem of England and was a symbol of peace and unity.

The Tudor Rose is a common sight in England even today. The floral emblem can be seen on a number of buildings, institutions, universities and charities. The badge is found on the uniforms of the Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London and even on the back of 20p coins!

And if you look closely, you can even see Tudor Roses growing out of the ground on which the Lion and the Unicorn stand in the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom.



We inspire and educate in a modern, spacious, purpose built school, right in the heart of Limassol


Our 17 classrooms are always decorated to inspire creativity


Students can always take a break between classes in a safe environment in our very own cafeteria, located within the building


Daily cleaning of facilities by professional cleaners a multiple number of times a day

Comfort and safety

A lift for the disabled, air conditioned units in the classrooms and fire exit doors for the safety of our children


An up to date library with hundreds of books

Some interesting numbers

years teaching
teaching classes
canteen space


  • It’s been 6 years now that i have trusted my daughter’s English learning at the hands of a very experienced and quality school. ELC though it’s not just a school, it’s teaches are like family, supportive and understanding. With few words THEY CARE.

    Carolina Pafitou
  • My experience at ELC was brief, but invaluable. I couldn’t ask for a better environment and staff to help me prepare for an examination as important as IELTS. Now studying abroad, I feel nothing but gratitude knowing the part this place has played in my achievements!

    Vera Neocleous
  • I was a student at the ELC for almost 9 years and I still remember my first day. As expected, I was terrified to learn a new language but as soon as I started my lessons I did so many activities that helped me gain skills and my amazing teachers inspired me to learn English and reach my highest potential! I will forever be grateful!

    Marilia Neocleous


We are fully licensed by the Ministry of Education and listed as Grade A and a Cambridge Gold examination centre.

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